Luminary DAO

The community of decentralized open-source disruptive energy generation

Solana Wallet

What is the Luminary DAO?

The Luminary DAO is a community on Solana who want to engineer abundance. It’s utility is the development & funding of open-source clean energy.  Than implement it on a decentralized power grid by using Non-Fungible & Immutable IoT power sensors

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Supply: 950 Generated with 13 one of ones for original founders for a  total of 963

Mint Price: White List 1.5 SOL / 3 SOL Public

9% Resale Royalty to the DAO Treasury

3 Mints per Wallet

NFT Staking and Governance

Mint Date: TBD

Distribution of Funds


Grow the community treasury with NFT sales and establish the Conscious Energy Foundation. 

Vote on the fair and decentralized development of the blockchain network.

Develop working prototype and blockchain functionality. Ensure all bugs are worked out before the first round distribution. Vote on proposal(s) for further direction and fund raising of the project.

Structure cooperative organization model for shared prosperity through the DAO governance. Launch the Conscious Energy Blockchain.

Build manufacturing capability and supply chain distribution.

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